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Frequently Asked Questions. 

The Cherry Roubaix is hosting the Michigan State Championship Road Race and since this is a new format including all categories we have been getting a lot of questions. Here is a quick list of many of the questions we have been getting and we hope it clears up some of things folks have been asking.

1- Will the State Championship Road Race be separate from the GranFondo?

Yes, the State Championship Road Race will be the first group to rollout, and will be separated by a follow car and a time gap. This group will consist of all USA Cycling categories 1-5 riders that sign up for the State Championship Race. The staging order will be as so:

60 Mile State Championship Race
90 Mile GranFondo
60 Mile GranFondo
40 Mile GranFondo
20 Mile GranFondo

Each group will be separated by a lead and follow car and will have a space of about 5 - 10 mins on the road.

2- Does the additional cost for the 60 Mile State Championship Race cover my license fee?

No, the additional $10 for the State Championship race is induced to cover the costs for the officials and additional Insurance needed for the event.  All racers in this category will need to present a valid USA Cycling License, or purchase a single day license for an additional $10 which will be available at registration on Friday Aud 2nd 5-7pm and Sat 7:30 - 8:30 am.  Single Day USA Cycling registrants are eligible for prizes and awards. 

3- Is the GranFondo still a timed event?

Yes, The other categories and distances will not change we will give away the same cool re-geared ( trophies and awards that we have always given away for the top 5 winners of the 90, 60, 40, 20. The 90 and 60 will have trophies for first place for both men and women and medals for places 2-5. Medals for placed 1-5 for the 40 and 20 men and women.

4- Will there be awards for the State Championship Race? 

Yes, there will be winners jersey and medals given for the age categories within the State Championship Race. For more questions about the State Championship Road Race and awards please email Chris Donnelly (

5 -Will all of the categories start together in the State Championship Race?

Yes all categorized riders will start at one time. Men, Women and Junior will all start in mass and will be allowed to race together. There will be a USA Cycling Official in a follow car to make sure that all other USA Cycling rules are followed but they are allowing the mixing of categories for this one event. 

6- Will there be wheel or support follow vehicles? 

As of now, we will are not planning to providing wheel vehicles. There will be a follow car for each category and a sweep vehicle that will ride behind all of the riders but this should be considered a self support event. If a wheel follow vehicle is added we will notify you on race day.

7- Will there be a feed Zone?

There will be two food/water stations on the 60 mile route and one extra water station for the 90 mile route and we have marked those locations on the map. We will not have an official feed zone for the 60 Mile State Road race but there are two locations on the course that would be good places for feeding racers at the top of Hvlaka and Dufek road.  There is to be no throwing bottles (littering) or food wrappers while on the course.  Taking food from the roadside is permitted.  No food/drink can be taken from a vehicle in the USAC race.

8- Will the roads be closed?

No, the roads will not be closed and are open to traffic, and the rules of the road should be followed. We will do our best to have lead and follow cars, motorcycles and course marshals to manage all key intersections but cyclists should be aware that traffic will be present and be ready to yield to vehicles that have the right of way.