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How It Works

At 10 am on Saturday morning, all cyclists will line up on Front Street downtown Traverse City. You'll Stage according to your intentions. Those going 90 miles will be in the front. 60 milers second, 40 third and then the 20 mile group. There will be a festive start with a relaxed neutral ride out of approximately 4 miles to the stop point on Cherry Bend Road. The rollout will be chaperoned by neutral pace cars. You may relax and talk with fellow riders during this neutral roll out and warm up phase of the event. It is not counted in your tour time but is a great part of the experience.

At a point to be determined on Cherry Bend Rd the neutral roll out will end and the race will start. The pace cars for each group will control the nuetral pace and the 90, will be released first, then the 60 and then the n40. all riders will stop and be regrouped, again with 90, 60, 40.

The 90 and 60 mile group will have a lead vehicle chaperone, and the course will feature the very best of Leelanau County. Epic climbs, rolling vineyards and views of the great lake Michigan. It's like our State Championship road race… for all riders. Those wanting to compete for prizes, CAN. Those who want to pace with a great group of cyclists, WILL. There will be water and food stations positioned strategically along each route and the 20 mile (low key) ride will offer stops along the route and great food! The 20 mile route will mainly be on the TART Trail but the last few miles will be on roads leading into Suttons Bay.

The finish venue is at Herman Park and after the race, you'll be invited to celebrate, listen to music, eat local food, enjoy local craft beers, play games and take in the best that our region has to offer.

There will be GREAT prizes for the Team competition for both men's teams of 5 and women's teams of 3 in the 90 and 60 mile route.

YES, It's a Race, YES it's a Ride and YES it will be a Party... it's everything you have ever wanted rolled into one big day of cycling, celebrating and fun. 

YES it’s Northern Michigan’s epic road cycling scene served up Cherry-Roubaix style.