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Neutral Role Out

This year we are doing something a bit different with the start of the Gran Fondo. For those of you who have done the Cherry Roubaix in the past you know that we have rolled out of town at a neutral pace, to the top of Grand View and across Bugia Rd and then re-staged to separate the groups. This year we are not going to climb Grand View but rather head out Cherry Bend Rd and we are not going to stop and re-stage the group but rather release the different distances at separated intervals as we are rolling. 

Here is how it works.  
At 10 am sharp the gun goes off and the event starts. The cyclists an cars will all be staged with their distances, the 90’s in front, then the 60s, 40’s 20’s etc. Each group will have a lead and follow car so the cyclist will be staged between their cars and roll out in the same order at 10-15 mph. 

Please do not pass your lead car during the role out.
When the 90 mile group gets to the 3.5 mile mark approximately 10:15 the lead car drivers will blast an air horn, wave their arms and punch it. The 90 race will start at that point but the 60’s and 40’s will continue neutral, another mile up the road at the 4.5 mile mark just in from the the DeYoung Natural Preserve which should be 5 mins later 10:20 the 60 lead car will blast a horn and their race will start.

A bit farther down the road the same thing will happen with the 40’s at 10:25.

The 20 mile route will be directed onto to the TART Trail via the crosswalk on Grandview parkway so they will not be part of the roll out at this point.