Register Here! Team Sign Up! 2017 Results

Schedule Of Events

- Wed Online Registration closed. Your next chance to sign up is Friday at packet pickup. There will be a $10 day off fee added to the cost.

- Friday Packet Pick up at Mclain Cycle 8th St. 5pm to 7pm

- Day of sign up will be at start from 8am to 9am.

- Staging on Park St. in order of distance

    90 in front    

    60 in middle

    20 in back

- Welcome racers and introduction from the Traverse City Mayor, National Anthem at 9:55

- Race Starts at 10 am Sat Aug 5th, 

- The first 5.7 miles of the race are neutral and each group will have a lead or follow car. Do not pass your lead car. 

- At the bottom of the hill on Grand View Rd, the 20 Milers will turn Right on the TART Trail

- When the riders get to the top of Bugai Rd. We will stop - restage and start the real race.

- There will be a 3-5 min break between the 90 and 60 mile groups. 

- Figuring 20 mph average, riders should finish around these times.

-  20 milers the TART trail sections will be all neutral. There will be an E-bike lead out for the 20 and the racing won’t start until the are off of the TART and on Otto Road. They may be arriving at finish around 11-11:30.

- 60 the first racers from this group should finish about 1pm. 

The 60 will be on the same course as the 90 milers but will NOT turn north on Eagle Hwy when they arrive in Lake Leeleanau. They will continue straight or East on 204, Duck Lake Rd toward Herman.


- 90 the first racers from this group should finish about 3pm. 

The 90 will be on the same course as the 60 milers and WILL turn north on Eagle Hwy when they arrive in Lake Leelnanau.

- After Party will be at Herman Park whenever ride is over. Parking is at the Sutton’s Bay High School.

- Food provided by VI Grill, Beer from Jolly Pumpkin and Cider and Wine from 45 North. 

We will have beer Pint Glasses that are donated from Custom Stem, with the Cherry Roubaix logo, the will be for sale for a couple of bucks at the finish next to the beer… all proceeds will go to the TART.

There will be some fun and games at the finish.  A hole in 1 disc golf challenge to give away 2 Grills provided by Max’s Service. Tilly’s Party Store will be brining discs for everyone to throw. There will be a Approx 2pm and 4pm disc challenge.

The United States Airforce will be at the finishes venue and also will be providing some volunteers to help direct traffic at the finish. They will have a table set up with info and will have a Corn Hole Game set up.

There may be other fun and games too. 

BATA Bike and Bus,

Busses will run from noon until 6 to bring cyclists and bikes back to TC. There will be a $3 fee and the busses can carry 11 bikes and unto 20 people per trip. Busses will pick up cyclists in front of High School and Drop at Hall St in Traverse City. Here are the pick up times.

Buses 11:13 a.m., 12:30, 1:30, 2:30, 3:13, 3:30, 4:30, 5:30, 7:13