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Safety and rules of the road.

The Cherry Roubaix is NOT a closed course there will be other traffic present and we need to respect and obey the rules of the road. That means, center line rules and general common sense cycling etiquette should be followed. There will be USA Cycling officials following the State Road Race to enforce USAC cycling rules. 

The beginning of the event, will be a neutral roll out. Stay behind your lead car, we will be moving slow and that is intentional so that the group doesn’t get to strung out. When we get to Cherry Bend Rd the races will start. Each lead car will blast it’s horn at the appropriate time and the race will start. There will be planned time gaps between each group so follow your lead car until they start the race. 

We will have a lead and follow car that will stay with the main group in each category, if a break away get’s up the road far enough the lead car will likely stay back with the peloton and one of the motorcycle drivers may choose to go with the break. If you are in a small break and you don’t have a lead car or motorcycle, you will need to be conscious of intersections and traffic. There will be 13 course marshals to help with traffic at key intersectoins but be aware that you may have to yield to traffic that has the right of way and be aware of cars and traffic as you ride.

The same is true for the peloton, the lead cars and motorcycles are going to do their best to get to each intersection, check for traffic and make sure that the groups can keep rolling, but if there are cars or trucks present, and we need to slow or yield the group should be aware that it may happen. We’ll do our best to signal the riders if this happens.

The course is well marked and we took special care to put signs and markers ahead of each corner and at each corner.  There are signs alerting motorist that an event is taking place, but that doesn’t mean it will be perfect, in years past we have had people turn or remove our signs the night before the race so even though you’ll have a lead, follow and motorcycles it is still the riders responsibility to know the course and follow the rules.

If you fall off of the main pack, there will be a follow car, but if there is a large group between you, or a chase group, the follow car may choose to come around you to protect the back of the main field. If that happens, you also need be aware that you may have to yield to traffic that has the right of way. Again, there will be course marshals to make sure the main groups get through each intersection safety, but they won’t be at those places all day, so if you are far off the back, you are basically out for a nice ride in Leelanau Country… which isn’t so bad.