Register Here! Team Sign Up! 2018 LIVE Results

Individual competition details:

  • Top five men and Top women in the 90 and 60  will be awarded
    •  first place will receive a trophy, 2nd - 5th medals,  podium and bragging rights for a year!
  • Top five men and women in the 40 and 20 mile win medals, podium and bragging right for a year!

  • If you are also signed up as a team you will still be counted on time in the overall.  I.e. you could win both competitions!

Team competition details:

List of teams for 2018

If you are not already signed up pleas sign up your teams here on the Team Sign Up  page, all teams MUST BE registered by Wed Aug 1st.

Five person mens teams.  (Have more?  Create a 2nd team!)

Three person women teams   (Have more?  Create a 2nd team!)

  • Top 4 team members (men) or (top 2 women) must cross finish line to be counted in the team competition.  The 4th (or 2nd women) teammate across the finish line is your team time.
  • All team members individual times are still counted in the overall individual results even if the entire team does not finish.
  • Winning men's and women's teams in the 90 and winning men's and women's teams in the 60 mile race receive team prizes and bragging rights for a year.
  • Teams will be posted on so you can see who your competition are and ensure your team is entered correctly.